Can I view job postings without setting up an account?


Do I have to set up an account to apply for a position?

Yes, but this will make it easier when you want to apply for additional positions.

How long will it take until I hear back regarding a position I applied for?

We recognize Applicants may be applying with other organizations and might be anxious to know if they will be considered for the position, they applied for her at FBH. Please know we try to be as timely as possible in our communication with our Applicants about their status in the hiring process.

How can I find out more about specific positions and what it pays?

Please call FBH Human Resources at 509-458-7461 and our Recruiter will be happy to speak with you.

I am a current FBH Intern and I am going to graduation soon, how can I apply for a position?

Interns wishing to seek employment opportunities at FBH may apply for a position up to 6 months prior to receipt of their degree. We love to hire our interns once they have graduated!


What are your COVID protocols?

Please review our SAFE WORK PLAN.