24/7 Regional Crisis Line

Frontier Behavioral Health operates a 24/7 crisis line in Spokane, Adams, Ferry, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, and Stevens counties. The toll-free number is 1.877.266.1818.

The priority of this line is to provide services for and on behalf of individuals whose health or safety is in danger because of a mental health or substance use condition. Trained triage clinicians will assess and provide appropriate referrals and/or dispatch mobile teams or Designated Crisis Responders.

It is a crisis situation if you or someone you know:

  • Is actively thinking about suicide or other self-harming behavior, or has already acted on these thoughts,
  • Is having thoughts of harming others,
  • Is in danger because of a mental health or substance use condition and is in need of an evaluation by a mental health professional for safety planning, which may include an assessment for outpatient or inpatient treatment,
  • Is unwilling to agree to voluntary help and is in need of involuntary inpatient psychiatric or substance use disorder treatment.

Callers who are NOT in crisis will be referred to Eastern Washington 211, a resource line that provides free information about community resources and human services, including local support groups.