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Trauma is a nearly universal experience. More than half of the general population and 90 percent of those served by the public mental health system have experienced trauma.

Trauma’s capacity for altering everything about a person, from worldview to coping skills, is why Frontier Behavioral Health and other behavioral healthcare providers nationwide have integrated the principles of Trauma-Informed Care into treatment plans. At FBH, we do not ask ‘What’s wrong with you?’ We ask ‘What happened to you and how can we help?’

Since 2015, FBH has been a Trauma-Informed Care organization, which means we recognize the prevalence of trauma in the lives of those we serve and have incorporated the principles of Trauma-Informed Care into the evidence-based treatment practices we provide.

At FBH, we incorporate Trauma-Informed Care principles in the following ways:

  • Early screening and assessment
  • Client-driven care and services
  • Supporting a trauma-informed and responsive workforce
  • Evidence-based and emerging best practices
  • Creating safe environments
  • Community outreach and partnership building
  • Ongoing performance improvement and evaluation